Monday, July 11, 2011

Bedlam Came a Little Early...

I never thought I would live to see the day, but I did. An OSU flag flew at my parents' house. Now I know what you are thinking....have they lost their minds? Gone crazy? Luckily the answer is "NO"! We were actually celebrating Drew and Kristen's upcoming wedding with and OSU themed party. I will tell you that my dad wore an OU shirt all weekend just to make sure everyone knew he had not become a POKE! While I don't want to wear orange any time soon, the weekend was a complete blast! Lots of fun, sun and patio chats! Jeff and I made new friends and I got to catch up with old ones too. The weekend was a great reminder that what really matters in life are people! And no matter where life takes you, there are a few people that will always be apart of your life.

I am so happy and excited to see KB and Drew get married on October 1st! But more importantly I am excited to continue our friendship and experience all of life's big and not so big moments together!

Here's to a happy wedding day to you Mr. and Mrs. Speakes!

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